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Many people believe that you have to travel to a beautiful place to take good photographs.There may be many photographic possibilities just outside of your home.Try photographing gardens, architecture, changing seasons and construction projects.What might be boring to you might be interesting to someone else. If you live downtown in a city theconcrete landscape could be a good subject. If you live in a nice neighborhood the pretty landscapingand architecture could be a good subject. Do not wait for that vacation to France or Hawaii to starttaking photos. Lets see what your neighborhood looks like.

Photo credits: Richard Hoffkins.

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November 07, 2007


Studying zoology in college, a group of us were taken out to a barren prarie and told to do a census of all the 'animals' in a square meter. But at first glance, there were no fact 'nothing' alive at all except for some grasses. But the more we studied our square meters, the more life that we saw: tiny insects, lichen etc. Learning how to be a zoologist and learning how to be a photographer have a lot in common: you have to learn to see things where others don't. A backyard can be as exciting visually as the most exotic place. You are correct, there are things all around us in our daily lives that can can make great photos. This butterfly is fantastic.

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