Never Enough Time...

As a college student, I often find myself trying to find the time to set up a shoot and to get lots of good shots in order to expand my portfolio. The problem is, between classes, work, and studying, I find myself with little time to do just that. I am also limited by the fact that I have no studio in which to work and so I end up doing everything the hard way, with limited resources such as a good camera, backgrounds, models, and lighting. Surprisingly, my results have been very satisfying though.

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August 18, 2007


I understand you completely! I have no studio of my own, either, so often rely on waiting for the moments to happen. My "studio" consists of fabric and cardboard backgrounds that are easily folded or stored behind the dressor! My lights are small table and clip lamps from the local retail and pet stores, and the tables I use for setting up objects are often tray tables, my coffee table, or my breakfast bar!
Just remember, the studio isn't what makes the shot: the photographer makes the shot. While I would LOVE to have a studio room all to myself (right now I have a small corner in the apartment), I take pride in being able to work what I have. You should, too! And just like Thefinalmiracle said, what truly matters is the vision!

August 18, 2007


Good goin' dude! Believe me I am in the same situation like u are using a Canon A410 earlier and now S3 IS since 3 months... but no studio or professional equipment. What matters is your vision first, then comes everything else.

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