Never give up

I noticed that I posted a blog article more then year ago here at Dreamstime. I was doing almost nothing in the meantime. Now I'm kind of back.

Don't expect to learn something new from me. Starting with poor (but still good) Lumix FZ5, I managed to get few of my images accepted. It was kind of "oh, ok, I can do it..." events, after which i lost interest in microstock. But I haven't lost my interest for photography. My new gear is Olympus E-510.

It took quite a long time to get used to it. I even thought that I mastered operating SLR camera, but I was so wrong. I bought books from my favorite exemplars, Peterson, Miotke, Freeman... shooting like a crazy, and something was always missing. My decision to try microstock selling is very welcome. I am still photographic baby here amongst photo masters. But now I look at this site from different angle and with more "creative exposure". It is never to late to start over with new knowledge and skills, and also new challenges.

I already did some new gear investment, filters, tripod, lights, I joined local photo club, I shoot everyday, read books and web sites, there is some progress. But most valuable learning will be here, on Dreamstime. It is like examine after learning the lessons and doing practical work.

I have 9 images accepted at the moment , few more pending, and even more rejected. But who cares, except me. I checked other microstock sites, but I can say that Dreamstime is the best. Simply because you can learn something here. At this moment it is not important what is my revenue, important is that I can live here.

If your get rejected you know exactly why.

If it takes time to be reviewed it surely means quality of review.

If you learn from mistake you can resubmit.

If you listen you can improve your skills, you can fight for something.

I see Dreamstime as very balanced site, the team behind understand their contributors as they understand their customers, so the selling chance is optimal. I will not mention names, but there are sites where you can submit everything you want, almost all is accepted, but you don't sell. On the other hand there is a site when you get accepted only one out of same forty images, which is frustrating and discouraging, not to mention revenue for such an effort.

So, I feel the most balance here.

Exactly that feeling keeps me going through my struggles, and hours spend on improving images. Dreamstime gives fair response on this effort, you don't need to guess what they want.

So if you are beginner even more then me, here is a piece of advice: Stuck to this site! You will have good learning curve, you will "see" what you are doing right and wrong, you will improve. And your improvement will be visible in your portfolio.

If you are living from stock photography you don't need my advice. I just want to encourage all photo enthusiasts not to give up, because on Dreamstime - results are measurable. You CAN enjoy here for sure. Keep clicking.

I really believe that I will improve my work. I am not depressed for poor results so far. It is insignificant. I always follow the rule that you need to give something before you can get something back. And that always worked at a glance.

Photo credits: Aleksandar Horvat.

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thanks for the words of encouragement, I agree with your sentiments about improving work over time and not getting depressed when the results don't come quick. It's hard work!! I'm learning too, everyday, and enjoying the process of this creative outlet. best of luck


And I agree with you that one should never give up. When you try hard to succeed in something you like, you’ll certainly achieve good results. So good luck and patience to all of us – the beginners. And to the whole DT community as well)


welcome back, i agree with you DT is best of all the stock sites, revenue wise and learning opprtunity wise. keep going, you will really have fun, and Welcome back to the family.


Indeed it is the best site for me as well even though I admit using other sites as well.


Welcome back, Aleksandar! DT is the best agency ever - I mean the friendly community, always new features and a lot of other bunch of things you'll read about. I always feel it like a family. I won't talk about rejections - they know what they need and approve. I never resubmit my rejected photos :)


Markogt, absolutely. Well covered subject rejection doesn't mean that photo is for trash. It is not frustrating, as from this kind of rejection (if it is only one) you can read that "photo is technicaly OK". What I like here is that Dreamstime covers all reasons, even you can be rejected for just one. Therefore we can learn.


A little tip. Dreamstime is great. But if my image is rejected because the subject is too well covered, then most smaller stock sites accept the same image. There is no point in trashing image that is not needed in one site but is welcomed in another site ;)


I am totally agree with you. Dreamstime is the most balance microstock site I encountered. I joined few several other microstocks too. As you said, some sites accept almost everything you submitted, while some are just simply rejecting all your submission without giving a detail comment. I like Dreamstime and it will be my first priority microstock site.

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