never jpeg again

I'm a newbie,but I hope the follows helpful.I must say that i'd rather camera jpeg before,simply because it's easy to check the image or overview.Maybe it is the experience of using dc that contribute to this habit.

Usually i adjust a pic with photoshop,but i found it good enough to do so with nikon capture software if you shoot raw.I use nikon d70s btw.As many bloggers here mentioned ,you can do more adjustment with raw format,even the original white balance.So finally i understand why most designers prefer the raw.

And what taught me a good lesson is like this:

I lost an opportunity to sell an image because i can't just provide the raw format when a potential buyer asked for it.That happened a couple days ago.

Want your images sell better, shoot raw!

Photo credits: Yucheng Ma.

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Ideally it would be nice if we could just upload only the raw file, but dreamstime would *display* the embedded jpg file. The customer should then have the option of buying if the photographer allows it.




I think you are right.


May be you are right.


Maybe your customer need it raw... I am a photographer myself, I used to shoot car parts like Acura Integra Alternator, with limited camera memory i can't afford to shoot it raw... More shot means more choices and more income.. LOL...


And one of the best things about RAW is the image compression is lossless and changes you make in the software are only applied to the exported jpeg only. So where necessary you can keep going back to a previous processing job and make changes and export a new jpeg again.


Selling RAWs is not selling your negatives. If you sell film negatives you no longer have them (unless you make a duplicate first). But in this case, you don't give any rights to the RAW, you just give the same license to use it. If a customer has the RAW do you think you will not be able to prove you shot that image? That's nonsense. it would mean that all people who shoot JPG cannot prove that they shot the image, simply because they don't have the negative.
Is the RAW more powerful than JPG? Yes, but it is double the cost of the JPG. And has no post processing at all, let's not forget that. Staying with a limited extension means you're not keeping the pace with the technology. Why not upload compressed JPGs afterwards?


I am with Bobby on this one!


I've never been asked for RAW. But I suppose RAW is the only proof of your rights. I am not pretty sure if I will provide it if asked.


The best way to assure a raw sale is to upload the raw as an additional file before it is requested


Selling your RAW file is like selling your negitive. I gets requests all the time, they go in my trash bin. Selling RAW is something I just refuse to do. Your mileage may vary


i wish i could travel around sometime.
i'm sure you'll have your raw request soon.


well,you can change a raw image into a jepg with many softwares,but it seems not so easy in have raw,you have more turnabout room.


Some people can't open raw in certain programs-- this way might loose a sale too


Been shooting RAW for a while now. I haven't had any RAW requests yet, but I'm ready!


I won't argue about RAW being the best to shoot in. Simply because it let's you make your own decisions and gives you 100% of the recorded data instead of a guess waht the camera thinks it should look. Don't be too dissapointed about missing a sale. We had 5 RAW requests and all followed them up but no sale ;-)

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