A new addiction

After 3 years of having to accept the sluggish performance of my aging machine, I took the plunge and ordered a brand new computer. And against my gut instincts I even went for Vista (usually not a good idea to get such a young OS as the bugs and kinks haven't all been ironed out yet), but I was curious.

Well this new acquisition has confirmed two traits of my personality.

First that I have a very addictive personality... after having spent that last week or so in front of the beast every spare waking moment and delving deep into the mysteries of the new brainwave of Bill's boys, the lack of sleep is getting to me...

And second, that I shall always have a tendency to jump before I have absolutely thought (or rather research) things through thoroughly. My justification for getting the new set-up was the seriousness with which I have started treating photography with, and all the post-processing I do nowadays on the computer. With my old machine hanging a bit too often for my liking, I had thought of this as a reasonable explanation for the outlay of a bit of cash. However, I never really bothered checking whether the version of Photoshop I was using was compatible with Vista or not.

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So there was a bit of panic trying to find an alternative solution when I finally did my reasearch and found out that it wasn't.

But I'm happy to say that a solution has been found and that I am now happily working away at some photos which I hope to have accepted very soon. All in all it is fun working on this new machine and new software... even if my wife is now complaining that she hardly ever sees me anymore... I would have thought she would be grateful to not have to look at me too much... go figure...

Photo credits: Dino Ablakovic, Eti Swinford, Rene Jansa.

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