New Adventure as a Videographer!

Some years ago. (not many actually), crossed my mind to become a photographer, at least as a hobby… Image and movement always fascinate me.

Unfortunately, the lack of equipment always kept me away of that “dream”. Postponing it, using during some time as my only main camera a smartphone with 5 megapixels. At the time I tough: “…well is not that bad”!

But… it was… could it be nice for having fun, always ready to shoot in any place, but for making a nice composition requires more than the simple “look and shoot”.

Lost Clock in the Soil

When you are introduced to the world of shutters speeds, F valor, right lightning… etc… etc… your head gives a spin.

I ignored most of that, (within a certain way), until quite recently!

Using a professional camera can be overwhelming for most of us sometimes, but it is such a emotional ride of discovering and learning new cool stuff, when you are in to that kind of discoveries!

Asakusa Underground Shopping Center

Officially, I started to use photography and video as much more than a hobby now, but still in a ” long road” of s learning process that will take time to get to the finish line and accomplish the “dream”.

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Photo credits: Patricia Miyao Andrade.

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September 09, 2016


My folio is at

September 08, 2016


I like your work but could not see the picture ' walking under the moon' referred to by Joezachs !

September 08, 2016


Thank you Joezachs!

September 08, 2016


You have some good collections of pictures.
Like that illustration of Walking under the moon

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