New approved photos

So happy that my photos from my trip to Newstead Abbey have been accepted!

Country House at Newstead Abbey

Newstead Abbey Gardens

Pink Flowers

And this is my crowning glory for the day I think. I had to wait ages for this lovely peacock to display his feathers! I'm quite scared of birds and my camera doesn't have that good of a zoom so I had to get pretty close to get the shot.


Photo credits: Lisa Marie Townsend.
Lisa Marie Townsend
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  • Nottingham, United Kingdom
My name is Lisa-Marie Townsend and I am a twenty three year old amateur photographer currently living in the East Midlands.

Although I've been taking photographs for years, stealing my Dad's camera whenever I got the chance, I was generously gifted my first DSLR for my twentieth birthday from my parents.

My favourite subjects to shoot are landscapes, nature and coastal scenes. But really, I love to photograph anything that catches my eye.

On the 30th June 2016, I got married! Therefore, my page name changed from 'LMH Photography' to 'LMT Photography'. ​​Some of the photos featured on this website and my Facebook page may have the old watermark visible, however, photos uploaded after that time have the new one.

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June 03, 2016

Thanks so much Pamjreynolds & Pal1983!


June 02, 2016

Peacock is very good


June 02, 2016

You are young, and have talent - add a bit a patience and you will go far, good luck from an oldie who took up photography later in life x


June 02, 2016

Thank you everyone for your kind words :)

Martingraf - that's a shame! Your photos are amazing by the way!


June 02, 2016

Very nice images and yes, patiente pays :-)
Congrats Lisa Marie!


June 01, 2016

Love the peacock image! Awesome work!


June 01, 2016

very nice indeed - congrats Lisa-Marie - I like how you compose your photos - please go on uploading because you will definitely do good here on DT - and yes, that peacock looks really fantastic - I haven't got one yet in my over 2000 pictures - still working on that :)


June 01, 2016

Congratulations, fantastic photo of a peacock.


June 01, 2016



June 01, 2016

Thank you! :)