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I decided to write few words with the hope that some one will read this as I have some questions actually.

I got my account set about three weeks ago and since then I have 92 images online with about 200+ in the waiting list.

My question is that I maybe did something wrong with my profile, because I have no views/downloads. I understand, maybe the photos are not that good to be downloaded,but is it normal with a hundred photos ( all keyworded) to get no views?

Thank you very much,

Mihai Stanciu

Foggy autumn

Water lilly with a soft light

Photo credits: Mihai Stanciu.

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February 16, 2017


16 February 2017- 730 pictures online- no views, no sales.
What is wrong with my pictures?
They must be really bad.

February 10, 2017


I have 381 pictures now and no views I will be patient

February 07, 2017


I think we should have more images online and a lot of work to promote them over social networks or other communities in order to get views and eventually sales. I also think that is not just about the quality of out photos, but the competition with all those good contributors that are here on Dreamstime for a lot of time!

February 06, 2017


You can share William! :)

February 06, 2017


It took me some time to figure out all the details of submitting and the DT website. After that, it is just fun to communicate with other photographers and learn too.

February 06, 2017


Thank you very much for your reply!
I will be patient !

February 06, 2017


I had the same problem, just be patient.

I have a year in dreamstime, I have little time, but already some sales, I just wrote a blog about it. Some tips that I can give you:
Do not be discouraged, at the beginning is the complicated, then when you have the first sale will be a great day
Your photos should have a lot of color, draw attention, use editing programs like photoshop is a good idea
In the variety is the key, to fear photos of many things can grab a larger audience
The keywords are very important, the more you put, the more you can sell
You have a nice portfolio,
I recommend putting more variety
Best regard

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