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Welcome to our new monthly blog contest! You can win $300 (first place), $200 (second place) and $100 (third place).

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Our new theme is How-To: Locations

Choosing the right location for a shooting is often difficult. We spend days of research to find the perfect place that fits the concept. So in our new theme, we're looking to see how you spot the right photography locations and how you make the best out of it. Share your tips for on-location shooting in the desert, the forest, the ocean, the cafe, the garage, or wherever. Tell us what are your considerations such as: the light conditions, permits, equipment, easy access, safety and so on.

Before you start writing, please check our guidelines here to make sure your piece is eligible for the contest. Make sure you also add locationcontest to your articles' tags so we can spot them easily.

As mentioned before, the voters need to have a minimal experience on Dreamstime: as photographers, buyers or blog writers. One click on the Useful tool = one vote.

Our contest starts now. You're welcome to enter your submissions during the course of a month.

Deadline: August the 19th.

Start writing. Good luck!

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Your article must be written in English



The best place for taking pictures is nature with beautiful backgrounds like desert, beach, mountain or even snow


i domnt write it in chineze and its your loose if you missed mine!!!SSS


@Owstalaga,As mentioned before, the voters need to have a minimal experience on Dreamstime: as photographers, buyers or blog writers. One click on the Useful tool = one vote. They are the voters. We locate the articles using the tag provided. Winners are announced on the message board like before. We usually allow three days after the contest ends so the voting can be done for those who submitted later.


How-To: Locations - On the mountains_




In the middle of the street, adding a sense of adventure!


Hot amazing location with good quality of high range camera provide a awesome picture


Hello there. This is a very interesting blog contest topic. And my response was cut off. Hmm that's weird. Let me retype again. Would like to know if the voters are chosen judges or would this be like a writing popularity contest? I've read the guidelines and this blog but if there's another blog about the judging process do let me know. Am planning to join depending on how the judging is done. Like when are blogs voted? Is it better to submit earlier to get more votes or it doesn't matter? And are the entries found in one page or no? Where will the winners be announced? Etc., etc... Thanks!


The location, the subject, the anticipated outcomes, and the story, all must be aligned and congruent. I have hundreds of beach photos for example, many of the same beach on different days, different areas of the beach, the sea and skies all in varying states, inspiring very different moods. Add to these a model in beachwear, outdoor leisure wear or ski gear and they will all inspire a response ... and hopefully, it is the one you want or are being paid to inspire.Guys, please do not comment here with tips for locations. You need to write a blog in order to join the contest.


A location has to have a perfect background with the best lighting and a very photogenic subject No matter if it's a person, place or thing


great contest, i will try to join :)


Would you please tell me why you did not post my comment?


Hello Dreamtime.


There is no specific location for a photo or a video. Every place is a fine location for a click,whether it is a forest , village, city what ever. The first thing needed for a photographer is a calm and cool mind. It help to find the best shot in his surroundings. Observe every object thoroughly . Do not ignore what ever you see. Everything in this whole world is a creation. Observation is the backbone of a photographer.NB. I'm not good in English, forgive me.


Guys, please do not comment here with tips for locations. You need to write a blog in order to join the contest.


The best place to take a photo where greenery is there,water,in jungle ,and last is at your favorite place


When shooting multiple people or stuffed animals or multiple objects, a natural-looking staircase made of rocks is ideal so that you can have some on higher steps and some on lower steps. If you can't find a natural staircase, consider the stairs in your home or office building. I have shot lots of collections or product shots or multiple people on a staircase. And sometimes, I have stood on the steps and looked down for an interesting aerial shot. There is so much you can do with a staircase—inside or out.


Forest is the best place.Because types of animal,birds, nature etc.


the ideal place for a photo shoot is a sandy beach of the island in the middle of the sea or ocean on a Sunny day


the best place is in a beautiful Island,


Best lovation ....Mountains after


in a new place, a place I have never seen, such as in a quiet heart


place - where there was no more people. Where nature - pristine


Ocean is the best place for it


Better take it on nature or in a 5 star hotel


You can play with the person shadow and also with reflection using any small mirror. A small mirror will also help you to add extra contrast.


Close your eyes,


in the kitchen, bathroom of some villa


I am not looking for a location, I always try to use the place and time I am in. Regards to everyone :)


such a great idea, oh how wonderful.

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