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Thanks to all the wonderful experience I gained writing blogs for Dreamstime for two years nicely organized by Maigi here, I have decided to go forward with a new blog on my own site found here I hope you find them helpful as you continue to succeed at Dreamstime

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and look for fresh ideas about photography and your work.

Photo credits: Odelia Cohen.

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March 12, 2010


Engene: You should respond about flagged images from the message that you received about the image. But I did find the images by searching on your portfolio. I objected to 'winter' I was raised a few hundred miles from Aspen and I can tell you that those mountains have snow on them all year and the area that you photographed where there are trees with leaves on them is under more than a foot of snow in the actual winter.

March 12, 2010


You tagged my photos for incorrect key words, Aspen, Colorado Winter, for your information, there are Aspens in the image, I shot the image in Colorado and there's snow on the ground in the background.

January 11, 2010


Thank you so much for letting us know!!!!

January 04, 2010


Thanks, Ellen. Coming in as a newbie to microstock, I found your Dreamstime blogs extremely helpful. Now I can follow you on your own site! I am also looking forward to the release of your book:) (I see it is to be released in 2010?)

January 04, 2010


Hey Ellen. Good to hear from you again. I hope things are going well and best wishes for you and your family in 2010.

January 04, 2010


Interesting reading as always, thanks for sharing.

January 04, 2010


thanks for sharing, good luck :)

January 03, 2010


thanks for the comments Fleyeing. I'm working on being less wordy and revising the format for easier reading!

January 03, 2010


The blogs on DT always have had very valuable info. To make sure, I all downloaded them offline.
Looking forward to the new series!

It's a great reading, but especially the first post about editorial etc. should be edited a bit for readability since it's a large chuck of text. Adding paragraphs more clearly would do the trick.

January 03, 2010


link should be fixed now. Thanks for the head's up.

January 03, 2010


thanks for the share

January 03, 2010


Thanks for sharing ;)

January 03, 2010


Hi Ellen, the link is broken - I think you are missing a .com in the url...

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