New Challenges

Just thoughts came up to my mind...

A new feature was launched on DT few days ago, for who didn't notice it's order print on each photo!

For more info about the subject check the message boards.

The question is... How many portfolios are having photos that can attract the buyers to use this feature?! DT must have these statistics for sure!

The other question is have you checked your portfolio if you have anything adequate for this feature?! I checked mine at least and as for now my answer is NO! :(

© Mani33

When I say adequate for this feature I mean the subject & the resolution ready without editing!

I think we should start thinking seriously about it! Are you going to check your portfolio?! Wish you get inspired to face the new challanges...

Cheers ;)

Photo credits: Desislava Vasileva, Maen Zayyad.

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@Susan: NO! But I think you wanted to say that I made it clear :P
Your idea is in my agenda now :))

@Aginger: Indeed is a great portfolio! Love them! Thanks ;)


Anyway, I just found a portfolio for printing....breathtaking pictures (I think these are not photos...) so, DT is and will accept more art, I think...


Glad you nipped that marriage proposal in the bud!!! (do you understand that saying?)
Anyway, I do think you should do a (maybe purple) male to go with the female. Why be so sexist, the pair would look cute in the bar area/kitchen of a home or business and I love your babies, too!


Thanks Carolyne! I think I'm starting to believe that all my portfolio is print target :P :)))


I think you have more usable images for this than you think Maen. Your funny face images are very 'pop art' like. Your tango dancers would appeal to anyone that like simple, graphic artwork (and dancing). Not everyone likes landscapes or flowers on their walls. Your travel icons would be great for people that like to travel or dream of traveling to some of these destinations. Any of these images would look great in a modern interior. That's the great thing about DT, everyone that comes here looking to buy an image, has very different taste. We can cater for everyone :0)))


Clayton! I imagine your editor's choice & the vintage shots are great prints also!


Thank you all for the comments...

@Dessie: Yes your photo is adequate & I discovered that recently :P ;))

@Susan: That is encoraging! Should I consider the male version of my wine a Photo Request :)))

@Patl: About your proposal... I'm not gay :)))

@Aginger: You really made my day I thought I would stay the only who doesn't have ones... Kindergarden is great idea ;)

@Everybody: Thank you & I believe you have great printable photos!


Great article, Maen. I have had several of my images made into prints. They make great wall decoration.


Come on, Maen..! Your cute babies are especially made for a wall of a kindergarden! :)


I think most of the portfolio's have things that are "printable". You just have to use your imagination. Check out my "Signs and Letters" collection
Signs and Letters
There are images in there that can be used as motivational tools or just for fun like.
   I love you   
   Will you marry me   
   Yes I will scrabble   
   Rise above the rest   


I also believe that I might have some images for this purpuse, but knowing that there is possibility, perhaps I could think some artistic images :-) It is great that there is opened a new possibility in DT.


I believe i have some pics, not many .. but some :) they are all RGB but i think they will be ok to print in large format :)


RGB is fine, and the ones I've had printed on canvas look GREAT! I did resize some so that the edges were where I wanted them and we can't do that here, but hope it won't matter too much. Or maybe the person interested can request it........


I have and sell many interiour prints as a part of my regular photographic job. The most important is control over the print quality, because print can save or kill a picture.


I cant say for sure, but I think some of my images would be good for these purposes. Will be interesting to see exactly what types of images are going to be used by buyers for this purpose ( I do hope we will be able to view these images used, if not may be a good idea for someone to start a blog showing their images used)?


Yes, I have some pics!


@ Ponytail:::: I wonder if mine will still look good CMYK

Well I dont think they need to convert to CMYK, I think it will be digital print so RGB will do.


Yikes, I wonder if mine will still look good CMYK-- I bet that will be an issue for many images?


Well Maen, I checked this feature, I guess I have few, well now I'm thinking about that, might shoot some panorama, might some travel agent office might put some in their office.


Yes, Dessie I like them for their colors!

And I have many images that have been printed out and hung. I've started to group mine together and Cleaper has one going already. And, Maen, I think your "Green Wine" is quite interesting; need one of a man to go with it!


Thanks for posting my photo, Maen! Is it from the adequate ones, or not? The resolution - yes, but the subject - ... :)
I think all of us have some adequate photos in ports but stock (as we're oriented) is completely different from art (or this what I want to have on my wall)!
At least Susan was interested to make prints of some of my images (some day) :))))

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