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New Christmas season collection

The holidays fast approaching and i thought and I will present a small collection of xmas season.Do not forget Christmas is each of you,magic hovers over us and opens our hearts.Take advantage of these moments and to capture all the beautiful pictures and stories in the lenses of our cameras.

Let's give start winter holidays through our photos !!!

Christmas collection

Red blurry xmas textured background

Romanian traditions on the street from Bucharest

Xmas blurs lighting ball bokeh effect

Decorations at market for Christmas month

Santa claus with child at bucharest christmas fair

Photo credits: Photostock2015.

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December 24, 2016


thank you :)

December 24, 2016


thank you :)

December 24, 2016


beautiful holiday images! merry christmas~

December 08, 2016


thank you Angela :)

December 08, 2016


Love the one with people! Nice images for the holidays!

December 07, 2016


thanks Iguana, happy winter feasts to you :)

December 06, 2016


Nice! Happy winter feasts! :-)

November 26, 2016


thank you Thetinyphotographer :)

November 25, 2016


Nice shots! :-)

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