A new collection

As a new user I am intrigued by the idea of collections here on Dreamstime and have started to put together a collection of my own...

The idea revolves around playing with food and drink, images with a little imagination or humour around them that feature food or drink as the principle focal point of the image.

I have no idea how these collections work or if they are successful at increasing both visability and sales however nothing ventured nothing gained. I am aware that images from 5 photographers are required in order to make a collection visible and have no idea how to go about approaching people so why not ask in a blog.

If you would like me to include your unusual or slightly more intersting food pictures in this collection please post a reply :)



Photo credits: Llareggub.

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February 20, 2011


It is very nice!!!

February 19, 2011


Good work,well done,congratulations for the new collection is very nice!

February 19, 2011


Great job! Your portfolio looks wonderful!

February 19, 2011


Took a peek at your photos, just wanted to say, Great images!

February 19, 2011


Very clever apple image. Am puzzling as to how you did it ! Very creative images. Well done. David.

February 19, 2011


7845930 , 7742708, 6765004, 17091000
A few I found with the searchs:’ food and twist and funny’,’ food and funny’ and ‘food and different and funny’. Only a few examples, for I don’t know where you looking for.
I didn't know that there were so much nice, funny and creative food images! Good luck with your search!

February 19, 2011


Thank you very much for the reply :)

I did not realise it was that simple and presumed that there would need to be some form of permission or at least it would be polite to seek permission...

Thanks aagin


February 19, 2011


It's good to blog about new collections, but if you want to do a bit of research yourself, you can just type "Food different" in Search and you'll already find a few images with that concept. Browsing is always a good exercise and you don't need to ask permission to insert any image into your collection.

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