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New collection: Belgian castles

Hi everybody

I created a new collection about castles in my country, Belgium. I have some pics of my own, but I would like to see and add yours to the collection. Surprise me!

Thank you very much! You can find the collection HERE.


Photo credits: Jeroen Kins.

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February 13, 2013


Oh, great :). There are a few in my neighbourhood here which are not in the collection yet :). A new aim for me to shoot some castles South of Antwerp :)

October 10, 2012


added! I have some other belgian castles pending, Rumbeke and Beloeil

October 09, 2012


Hi, here are 2 pics of the Castle of Corroy-le-Château which you might like to add:
Nice collection!
Cheers :-)

October 02, 2012


Your images are great!

October 01, 2012


I have some images of Belgian castles which you might like to add:

25964592 (Alden-Biesen)
25768770 (Alden-Biesen)
9357198 (Ghent)
8498101 (Antwerp)

Unbelievable but true, all four images have blue skies. Being this almost impossible in Belgium I consider these images an exclusive rarity...

October 01, 2012


Great images, good luck with your collection.

October 01, 2012


Thanks! We have many more castles in Belgium, but a lot aren't on DT.
Unfortunately I'm not in a 'castle region', but I'll do my best to add some in the next months / years :).

September 30, 2012


The collection is really great, unfortunately I have no pictures to be able to contribute, I'll offer my congratulations!

September 29, 2012



Nice to see an American visits Belgium ;)

September 29, 2012


Nice collection, I have one image

September 29, 2012


Good luck with your collection, your images are great!

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