New Collection: Fragile Earth

I just created my first collection. Its called "Fragile Earth: Pollution"

This collection will be part of a series on the Earth's environment and how human beings have made significant changes to our world, for better or worse. The photos in this particular collection focus on the ways humans are polluting the environment. So far there are 24 different photographers featured in this collection.

Let me know if you would like to be included in the collection or if your photo is in the collection and would like to be excluded.

Fragile Earth: Pollution

"Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find." ~Quoted in Time

Photo credits: Jacus, Juan Manuel Ordonez.

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September 08, 2009


Thank you everyone for your comments.

We go through our days and rarely think about the global impact our actions may have. This collection is here to remind us that we can make a difference. Yes, it is a sad theme but, hopefully it will make us think and maybe today we can pick up a wrapper, throw a styrofoam cup in the trash, or pick up the floating empty plastic bottle even if it is not ours.

We can make a difference

Gina: Thank you for your "Duck in distress" photo. I didn't include photos of animals in distress in this collection. I will however, be creating other collections under the theme "Fragile Earth".

September 08, 2009


Really good collection...but sad that you/we can take photos like these...too many pollution on world, I guess...

September 08, 2009


Some powerful images there which will hopefully send a poweful message.

September 07, 2009


I have this one that might fit into your collection:
Duck in distrsss

September 07, 2009


Well done! Very thoughtful!

September 07, 2009


very cool theme! :)

September 07, 2009


Great idea! If only everyone realized they have to clean up after themselves, and not wait for someone else to do it for them. We are not children anymore and the earth is not our messy room that doesn't affect anyone else. Cheers :0)

September 07, 2009


Nice and very useful theme ;)

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