New collection - Poland

I invite you to contribute and enjoy my new collection - Poland:

Photo credits: Ewamewa2.

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Great collection!


Great collection, thanks for sharing.


I will consider your collection complete if you find a picture in memory of Marshal Rokossovsky.
Poland and the Polish national hero?

I enjoyed it!

my collection "Military Patriot Collection"
I was looking for any image as the hero of the Rokossovsky it is not on dreamstime

if you find I'll add to your collection.
I do not understand why there are no pictures of the house or monument Rokossovskogo?




Have a look at my two collections of "Poland" too:

This one is of Krakow:

And this one is of the Concentration Camps at Auschwitz & Birkenau:

   Royal Cathedral - Wawel Castle - Krakow - Poland   
   Krakow - Town Hall Tower - Poland   
   Church of St. Mary & Cloth Hall - Krakow - Poland   

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