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Hi all! this newbie has figured out how to do I need some images! SO FAR MY 3 COLLECTIONS ARE butterflies, children playing and military. soooooo... if you have some images you would like in my collections, let me know here! thanks all!

Photo credits: Susan Sheldon.

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Hi, you have some great photos!
Here's one you might be able to use for the Butterfly collection


I have some images about nature,building and something else.
You can add my images as you like

  Abisara echerius  
  Cyrestis thyodamas  


thanks for the photo dan although I am looking for military moments rather then military objects. more people, soldiers, working on base, coming home and shipping out. please let me know if you have others that would fit that catoagory or my other two collections!


   Army ammo box   

Hope you can use it


thanks massimo, I added the images and they add more wonderful photos to the collection!

everyone, I still would like more imaages of children playing and military moments.. home comings or soldiers overseas. I have a ton of great images taken by my son when he was in afghanistan.. but at low resolution! I still have to train that man! thanks!


Lovely collections of yours, congrats :-)
I wonder if you could ude these pics for your butterflies collection: 23904031 , 24385652 , 24398601 , 24218518
Hope you line them,
Cheers, Massimo


thanks sandra, ( heathse), I added a few of your images to the childrens collection if thats ok! I have a few for your collections if you need some more.. I have some for cute kids: 23908542 24016710 24616938 26136697 26136589 25020253 24706996

for yummy food you might like 25163757 24706945 24706972 hope you can use some of these in your collections! Su


Don't know how I missed your blog!
How's this?


Thanks for adding my shot


i know two images were added to other collections this week of my images.. and both had sales. I think collections do work!


Thank you! I even got a sell from one of the images posted today - no search terms reported... I wonder if there was any connections to this post!


dianakern, I didnt add the military photo because it was almost identical to 2 I already have on my site. please let me know if you get any more or kids playing!


Lauriey, loved so many of your photos! I added a few... lol! good job


shadow69, I added 2 butterflies to my collection. I have a few for your USA collection if you looks like a private collection but here are some if you wish to add ch[imgr]24180996[/imgr]icago to it. [imgl]24616980[/imgl] [imgr]24180989[/imgr]


Children playing

 Little Pirate 

 Child Hero 

 Bath time 

 Play Cars 

 Ballerina Girl 

 Child playing Video Game 

 Child swinging 

 Cowboy Laundry 

 Child Climbing Rock Wall 

 Training wheels 

 Energetic Child 

I have a ton of children and military in my portfolio, so feel free to browse and add any I missed.


 Military Family Deployment Reunion 

 Military child and father 

 Military family 

 Military Baby 

 Military child 

 Tank Treads 



Hi Susan,
A couple for your butterfly collection. I have some more in the pending queue, but anybody's guess if and when they will get approved.
Postman butterfly
Another one


Lejoch, I did add the one of your military chip, the other, the helicopter dashboard is not really a military pic. I kind of want more military moments.. thank you !



two shots for military


Here are two possible images:

Children At Play:
 Serious Baby Points at Bowl 

 Douglas R4D Skytrain - Propeller Airplane 


I have some children play photos, don't know whether you need?






Thank you Susan for adding them.:)


I have some butterflies for your collection. Thanks.



Hi, I have one Fallen Soldier picture for the military collection. I am just getting started and trying to figure things out. Thanks for your help.

   Fallen Soldier   

I entered the information for the image - but I am not sure if it worked.



colette, I went on your site and found 4 really good butterflies I like so used them! I also saw you had a lot of great images of giraffes.. that the next collection I want to do because I love giraffes so I will be back to add those too! if its ok with you!


dg mate, I really like too hot to handle! awesome shot! and i needed some navy photos so thanks!


collette, it would not let me get to your light box, access was denied. please send me the id number of the imigas you would like to share on my collection. thanks~! and thank you every one so far who has sent me awesome photos


I have some photos of butterflies, one of them is
Red butterfly


I also contribute a drawing!
 The butterfly and the ant. 


This is a link to my Butterflies lightbox:
Feel free to add a few to your collection if you like them. Kind regards, Colette

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