New comer questions on improving portfolio download

Hi hi,

I've joined DT around 1 month and upload some photos, just would like to check on some questions I have in mind...

1. I have some views but no downloads yet, I tried to check some of the keywords and look at pics from others to learn the "commercial angle", not sure if mine are good from this perspective, please feel free to visit my porfolio and give me some comments, thanks a lot!

2. I have put some editional ones and tried to search them a few days or even a week later but I can't find them by the same keywords I have put for them, are there any reason behind? or I search by wrong method coz I'm trying to improve my "search" means, or because I've logged in myself?

Attached one is one of my favourite editorial photo...

© Amybbb

3. I like the "new" flash for portfolio very much and it looks so great but the same situation happens as Q2 above.

Hope that I can get my first DL very soon since I didn't got one yet here yet but I got over 40 DL at another stockphotos site start at similar time. :)

Photo credits: Amybbb.

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February 16, 2010


its just matter of time, you will have sales soon.

February 15, 2010


You are doing well to get so many uploads so soon after joining Dreamstime and sales will come if you are patient. You can study the successful portfolios to learn what subjects sell best. Good luck David.

February 15, 2010


take upload.

February 15, 2010


oh, thanks all of your advice, I thought search result comes out by keywords instead of title :)
will try to upload more... but approval is relatively slow, normally I just upload a few and the processing hours is around 60 to 90 hours....

February 15, 2010


upload,upload,upload - and you'll see the sales - good luck :)

February 14, 2010


Titles are the ones that come up first when you look for a picture by relevancy. So short titles, directly linked to the image will work better. More details can be added in he description and the keywords. You only joined recently, your photos are nice, so just be patient. If you have views that's already good, downloads will follow. Buyers don't just pick a picture and buy it, I think, they need a bit of time to compare it to other pictures, talk to their clients... Patience is the keyword!

February 14, 2010


Nice images, keep uploading and the sales will come. I agree with Brad, shorten the titles, for example, TRADITIONAL DRIED FOOD PREPARATION:DRYINGMANDARIN , "Mandarin oranges drying" should be sufficient. There is a delay in the stats updating. That may be why you can't find your images in the search. They say it has been fixed but may take a day or so to catch up. Good luck and welcome to DT.

February 14, 2010


I having the same problem a can t find my pictures with by keywords or even title.
And I think between 7.500.000 pictures on the site competing each other is quiet difficult to get sales. But just keep taking pictures!!!. Your pictures are lovely.For me photography is a hobby(unfortunately) and dreamstime motivates me a lot, I'm learning new things every day.
I Wish you all the best luck !!!

February 14, 2010


My advice is to go with shorter titles - nice shots!

February 14, 2010


Your pictures are nice, the keywords looks okay. You will have to make your portofolio much bigger if you want downloads. This is how it works here. It's much different than other places. With only twenty pictures you will not have too many downloads. At least not too soon. Keep working and good luck/

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