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Dear All,

I would like to inform all my DT friends that I just launched a website for my little community Coorg, a small town in Karnataka, India. The site is still under testing, would take another few weeks to tweak and tune, Hope you guys like it, your comments will be highly appreciated.

here is the site, Kodava Community Social Network Site

Thinking of similar site for just Dreamstime users, any comments, do you guys need such a site just for DT users??

Was suprised to find Coorg images in DT, I never knew my small district had few hundred images in DT, that a great feeling, Thanks for all the contributors of Coorg Images. Coorg Images on DT And there few more images with different keywords of each small towns, really great.

Coorg is small district and we are the highest Coffee Producers and exporters in India. more news will be coming soon on my new community site when its updated later this week.

Photo credits: Shailesh Nanal, Ajay Bhaskar.

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Thanks for all the comments, Yeah Seema Coorg is indeed very beautiful, Yellowcrest has some nice pictures of coorg.

Well Now i will launch similar site for exclusively for dreamstime users.


All the very best :)


Congrats - all the best. Coorg is really beautiful!


Congratulations!! I've never had the chance to to to Coorg, though i've heard its very beautiful..


Congratulations!!!! I will often go over.


Great sites Creativei, think the community here could benefit from such a site as well.



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