New Design

I have longed to update a more professional looking site.. so right now I am at the learning stage of creating one..

Here is the test page.. I know it's not all that.. but it's a learning stage for me.. Very frustrating to figure out the "how to".. but after I got it.. it was really fun!

Heres my link to see my test page:

Test Site

Made is Swish Max..

Demo version here:




Photo credits: Grafikeray.

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September 11, 2007


Thanks Tony!
I keep looking at it.. and I freak out.. it's really cool for someone that hasn't done this type of site before.. I know I can get wild.. but I have something else in mind for that.. something I am sure some of the people here might be interested in. * it's a secret *

September 11, 2007


Pretty cool so far.

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