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Hey everyone, I just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself; my name is Sam and I live in Dubai. Love to travel and explore and I have always loved documenting my journeys! Having a big database of pictures I thought that doing something with my photography would be the logical next step and stock photos seemed to be perfect! Full of confidence I started my first upload… and it is harder than I thought! Pictures being rejected for lighting or lens quality had me baffled at first but I must admit that it has made me a better photographer as I am starting to get a more critical eye on my own work. I look forward to building a bigger portfolio and will always welcome any suggestions from the Dreamstime community!

Camel in Khiva

Flaring Gas Crater in Turkmenistan

A view of Dubai Marina, at night

Canon at the Edinburgh Castle

Photo credits: Sam20140218.
  • Sam20140218

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November 08, 2014

Welcome to Dreamstime, Sam! Love your photos! You will do fine here! :o)


November 08, 2014

Welcome, Sam!


November 08, 2014

Welcome to DT ! Great luck here at DT!


November 08, 2014

Welcome to DT Sam!
Great images! Dubai is an interresting place - some of my bestsellers are taken there :-)
Good luck!


November 08, 2014

Nice images! Welcome on board Sam! Keep shooting and uploading! Good luck!


November 08, 2014

welcome , keep shooting and you will have good results. bye


November 07, 2014

Lovely pictures, Sam, I'm relatively new to this, too, and completely agree. The feedback from rejections is making me a better photographer overall. Looking forward to seeing your images!


November 07, 2014

Welcome Sam nice to meet you!

Nice photos i like city at nite especially ;)