New on Dreamstime, will be grateful to get some tips!

Hi everyone!

I'm quite new on Dreamstime. Even though I registered in 2013, after a friend's recommendation, I forgot about the site (my bad...) until 2016 and I started to upload pictures only a month ago. So far I already got 250 pictures submitted and still have many new to upload (I just came back from a wonderful trip to Thailand and Cambodia, where I took more than 1000 pictures).

So far I haven't made any sales yet, and I've noticed that my pictures barely get some views, even when I put a lot of tags on them.

So my question to the experts here is: how to get more visibility? If anyone will be so kind to give some advices and suggestions, I will be very grateful!

Thanks and have a nice day you all!


Your article must be written in English

September 05, 2017


I've noticed since by uploading more I have been getting more views.

July 16, 2017


Welcome Vero to DT family

July 16, 2017


Hello, I´m new here. My name is Vero and I´d like to show my portfolio. Thank you.
Vero´s portfolio

April 05, 2016


Hi Diego! I am new on DT too and starting to upload some pics me too. I noticed one thing: when I registered first time I intended to buy some pics for my own website purposes. And I found what I needed soon here. So I decided to buy them and effectively pictures were the quality I was in search for. As I can see from your examples, I think that stock photography can be useful to those willing to find something special that they cannot find elsewhere. Panoramas and landscapes are the most rated search on sites like Google where you can freely download many. I would pay attention on something more detailed, i.e. a particular view of a normal Panorama... I don't know, but try to imagine how to improve! Good luck.

April 05, 2016


Picstudio, thank you. Very nice to hear from such an expert and successful photographer as yourself!

April 05, 2016


Beautiful pics. Welcome to DT family.

April 04, 2016


Tack Per :) Thank you for your advices, I appreciate it!

Cheers from an Italian living in Russia :)

April 04, 2016


Hi Diego! Welcome to DT :-)
Shure you will have sales soon. But think about the competition...
It will take some time and the more you are exposed the more you will sell. Also think about why anyone wants to buy one of your images - there must be some kind of need for that special image...
You will for shure sell many of your travel images but a tree branch need to be very special to be sold (or the need very specific).
One idea is to search around here on DT (or other micro stock sites) and check out specific search words - i bet you will find out your own "space" - something thats not really covered or a hobby or job skill that you have :-)
Cheers from Stockholm and Good luck!

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