New Eyes

Closeup of Sourdough Bread Loaves

I have begun to see my life through "new eyes" after these past few months of taking, submitting and studying stock images. I think this new vision is something very beneficial for anyone to acquire. It is a new appreciation for everyday things! Yes! I now am entering a world of nuances and seeing it makes the so called "mundane world" intriguing, exciting and beautiful!

I am realizing I am surrounded by beauty! I was just at the laundry mat because I am traveling (as usual) and the old scratched up coin slots of the washers caught my eye. I took some nice snaps and felt inspired! Don't believe it could be beautiful? They should be up soon on my portfolio.This new vision has impacted me in more ways than just allowing me to see beauty where I normally wouldn't see it.

I love the old-world way of life and so I build clay ovens and bake sourdough bread. I don't usually score my bread with spirals, but thinking of the photographic possibilities inspired me to do so. This new 'hobby' (which I would like to be more of a job) also inspires me to create beauty to share with others! This experience has enriched my life and I know I have only just begun!

I am sure after being in photography awhile it can happen that you loose this vision of everyday beauty as well. I guess this new-vision is a mental state of expecting to see beauty, so put on your new-eyes today and EXPECT to see beauty all around you!

Photo credits: William Bode.

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Hi David, Thanks for the tip. I'll keep my eyes on the road, haha lol... I have heard this said about winter. I was feeling a bit of that same thing after arriving back to the states from four months in India.... Was! I am now finding color and inspiration even in mud season! Landscapes might be a bit dreary and lacking color, so.... I am finding inspiration in objects, textures, street photography and black and white. Thanks for the comment. Keep enjoying the beauty!


You are right that everywhere you go you can see things you missed before but and its a big but, if driving don't get distracted and end up in the ditch. I notice while driving my head turning to the side and in modern cars you need to look to the front and in the mirrors. I notice photography is usually better in Spring and Summer with good light.
Winter is often gray and dull and it's harder to get good images. But well said you ! David.

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