New gear, better results?

The above sentence, is an equation that not always prove true, but most of the time it is.

New camera very often provide you with quality increase and maybe give you also the input to go and play with it (it's your new toy, after all! :-)

Is true that gear alone rarely produce better results, but when you see the results that a professional camera deliver compared to an hobbyst's one... well, you must try for yourself.

Now I write this blog because I'm pondering to do the last step of my photography growth as for gear: buying a full frame camera.

Since I'm a user of Nikon brand as you can see in my biographical notes, I am considering the D700 as the best choice. I do not shoot sport or events that needs fast burst as a priority, so that should fit well with me.

I also plan to get more RAM memory for my computer, to deal with the bigger file size produced by this camera. My hard disk instead is pretty capable right now.

I'm just waiting the next monthly payment from my microstock sales and will send the order for the new 'baby'. Then will start a new phase of my stock photography career.

Photo credits: Corepics Vof, Kineticimagery, Anatoly Tiplyashin.

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I think the most significant part of a full frame camera (aside from technical image quality) is probably the viewfinder experience. Wish I could justify going to a 5D MkII!


I'm a Nikonist too and some time ago have considered D700. I think I need to share some problems I've got during the testing. Problems were not about camera itself,it is absolutely perfect. It was rather prblems of going to full format. By other words - all my lenses working perfectly on D300 (crop) gived poor results with D700 (vingeting, CA). My lenses are medium-class, such as tamron 28-75 2.8. So, it seems you'll need also a high-end and very expensive optics. Nevertheless getting a new, more advanced camera is a great step and a big joy for a photographer. I understand your feelings and wish you good luck with it :) Hope you'll share your experience with new camera and provide some competitive analysis with your old camera


I think D700 is a good camera, it will create better condition for your sale,but not a decisive condition!


I agree with Aughty, you have a wonderful PF already, and to an extent it is not about what you have been using so far because of the images already produced, but I must admit also that I cannot wait to see the results of the new purchase, you will go from strength to stength with a pro camera, and I have no doubts you will achieve your quest of being a name in the stock industry. Besides all of this, I also have to agree that the D700 is untouched in the entry level pro market camera of choice at the moment...As Creativei said, we will wait to see the results, I am sure they will be something unique and special, regardless!


You need a new SLR like I need a hole in the head. Enjoy the new toy!


Congrats in advance, am waiting for the results from D700.

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