New goal for the month

My goal for this month is to get 50 images approved in one month. I set a new BME last month for images approved at 41. My long term goal is to be able to get 150-200 images approved each month or a yearly total of around 2000.

What are your short term and long term goals?

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July 06, 2011


Good luck and have fun! ;)

July 06, 2011


Good luck!!!

July 06, 2011


Good luck Mvogel!

July 05, 2011


My personal take on quantity versus quality is that without doing quantity first, it is difficult to know what 'quality' is. I have proven ability to generate sales, but I can't say I've proven the ability to predict which of my images would sell. If you don't know which ones are going to be the winners, how can you pick which ones to spend the extra time on? So go for it and upload! :)

July 05, 2011


Quality over-rides numbers doesn't it ? David

July 05, 2011


Tan510jomast is right!

- We need to emphasize the idea of a picture we can win lots of money
-- as long as the idea is good and can be useful for many buyers.
--- You do not need to have many pictures and not even once bought...
---- I personally such a year let them free because there is no sense
----- to threaten my portfolio.
---- I have seen members of the site with 50, 250, 500 images
--- and with 2 000, 4 000, 15 000 sales. This confirms my thesis :)
-- Great portfolio only makes it easy to buyers they found somewhere
- but this is not a great advantage.

Light day and wish you success!

July 05, 2011


Good luck with your milestone....

July 05, 2011


not trying to claim expertise or whatnot.
..but i would place less emphasis on getting xxx number of approval and give quality over quantity.
if you can get one kickass image instead of 20 similars or just enough to get approved but no downloads images, i would say, skip the 19 and go with 1. it's not how many approvals you get that put the cheque in your bank, if you catch my drift.

July 05, 2011


Hard work... but not impossible ... :)
Many of my images is need 2-3 hours to make one...
if need to render may be +2 hours...
so average is 3 hours time for one GOOD image.
Hm.. but you not create those images:)
Good luck !

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