New Here!!

Soooo here we go! After six days of waiting I realized that I never finished uploading my first few files. Did a bit of clicking around and vwalla.. My photos are finally in the pending bin. I'm excited for the downloads of my images, the competition stock photography brings, and all of the challenges of coming up with better stock photos for this site. I see that a lot of suggestions are shoot shoot shoot, upload upload upload, and then repeat repeat repeat.. I hope to shoot 5 good images a day, 35 images a week, 140 a month, and then give or take the number of photos on the year (1600ish?)..

If anyone ever has comments that will help my stock photos become better, suggestions, success stories about this site, that you would like to share to a new comer.. Please feel free to drop me a line!! Time to capture 5 images..


Photo credits: Danijel Micka.

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December 02, 2009


Keep uploading on a regular basis and keep your acceptance ratio high are my two main pieces of advice. I've written a few blogs to help newcomers that you may want to have a look at:

Tips for newbies II
Tips for newbies

The one piece of advice I would change from these early blogs is uploading one from a series, then following up with more if approved - it used to be a good strategy, but now the reviewers want you to upload the best shots at the same time. If you upload a few up front, then more later they will likely get rejected as 'too many of the same series'.

November 26, 2009


Welcome on DT and wish you luck!Hope you will have your photos approved all and good luck at sales!

November 26, 2009


Thanks everyone that has commented! I appreciate it!! Everyone had good feed back, tips, and great ideas. This type of positive vibe will help deal with the let downs as I travers through getting started. I hope to get to know, and possibly pick the brains (ask a lot of questions) of some of you soon. Thanks again!

November 26, 2009


You can create a few collections with different themes (nature,...). Also you must do some research, see what your clients are looking for. Cheers! Dragos

November 26, 2009


i tried giving myself a goal of 5 images a day but then you find that it's so time consuming and DT doesn't alway accept 5 image uploads a day depending on your approval rate - so i would def concentrate on sending in quality images to keep your approval rate high so you will get less rejections - we all get rejections, don't worry just learn from then :) good luck

November 25, 2009


welcome :)

I agree that your goal is a bit high but hey! if its good for you - then go for it! :) the very best of luck! :))


November 25, 2009


Welcome to DT and good luck! Remember to always check your images from edge to edge at 100% magnification. That is the #1 rule to keep from having rejections because of noise or blurriness. Again, good luck and welcome!

November 25, 2009


I bet you can do that, but I think they are a bit high..! I prefer to start giving smaller goals..! cheers and good job!

November 25, 2009


Welcome to DT and good luck, it is good to set targets and yours sounds reasonable, as Maen says keep accept ration high rather that just submitting whatever you take, it does make a difference in how your images are placed in the searches.

November 25, 2009


Hi! Nice plan & determination to make a portfolio! Don't forget to choose microstock oriented subjects in order not to have rejections & start with low AR! Try to learn more through checking portfolios & play some the game, tips from blogs & message boards are a need!
Good luck with your pending photos! Cheers ;)

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