New idea

It's all about new idea.To earn some money on stock sites you must create unique shot.It's a shot that nobody created before you.Ok how to do that,it's not easy.You must turn your brain ON :)) hehe ok serious think there are two ways to do that : first just sit and think what can you do..... if you have good imagination it will be useful,but second if you wanna take shortcut and inspire your brain you can always insert word in search and see what image is missing....I did that and had great idea.Got nice shot, new idea,and earn some money :)) this is sample for what I did and main words for my search were for love....hope you'll like it

Photo credits: Boris Kocis.

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October 23, 2008


thnx :) I'm glad you like it :))

October 23, 2008


thnx friends :))

October 23, 2008


cool images! good luck with this set!! :)

October 22, 2008


Very good idea, I hope it brings you much success!

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