New images and a question :-)

Hello everyone! Here the new images you can find in my portfolio.

Yes, it is true, it's a good number of pictures, maybe I should show them before but I was unable to insert a post before today.

The plans for the future are manifold. Without going into details of my future achievements (someone could copy my ideas), I can say with satisfaction that I'm caring six "large groups" of illustrations. My priority right now is to create illustrations that may be of interest to me than a buyer.

In this prospective, after reading a recent post of Tangie, I decided to start studying the tags provided in that post. Tags suggested by Tangie are divided into groups, the "problem" is succeed, from those groups, to extrapolate some ideas. Not be difficult, however, but this study will take time.

Now I start working again but before going I ask you this:

When Buyers start to look for illustrations for Easter? And for Carnival? And summer? Those Questions could appear absurd, but it's important know the answers, so I can prepare the work on time :-)

Now I run away seriously! Thanks for your answers: they will be precious.

Bye, G.E.

Photo credits: Gheburaseye.

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December 19, 2009


-30 °?????? It's iincredible!!
I had not thought about the difference between the hemispheres, but this is true! However this time I send so few images that I will devote myself to study the images for every event of the year calmly :-)
About Images refused, I do a little tip: before sending the images, try to open them with more software, because not all programs show the same mistakes. The program that I recommend is PhotoStudio: I've seen that shows very well the imperfections. The problem then is how to correct them, but I leave to your vivid imagination to find a way :-)
Now I'm going to arrange a bit of old and new images, but you write it in the next few days to make you the Christmas greetings. I beg you, don't miss it :-)

December 14, 2009


It is hard to pin down ones like summer, etc. as different hemispheres have it at different times of year. I find I sell more Christmas images in the last month before Christmas. There will always be 'last-minute' shoppers because a lot of people use images for current publications like blogs, work presentations, etc. I find I sell things like canning and preserves way later in the year than I would expect - but I live somewhere cold and I imagine other areas harvest a lot later than we do (it is currently -30C!)...

December 13, 2009


thank you all for the information you gave me. I fear that for next year, I will not have illustrations for Carnival or Easter (or I'll have a few), but it does not matter, I will focus on another, perhaps the summer holidays.

A small note on the illustrations "woman's face" and "face". Someone asked me how I made these and I like the idea of saying it publicly. These two illustrations are the result of the union of a background created with watercolors and a stylized face created with ink. I then combined the two bases to computers, but apart from this "computer trick" these illustrations were created completely by hand :-)

December 13, 2009


great illustrations - wish you lots of luck - it's a tricky question but i would say a couple of months before should be fine otherwise they might risk getting lost in the crowd

December 13, 2009


great illustrations, congrats!

December 13, 2009


Hi G.E. - I really like your illustrations, particularly Face and Woman's Face. I think buyers fall into two groups, those who are prepared and will look for images about 4-6 months before the event and those who are last-minute shoppers. For example, if you have Easter images, you really need to start uploading them's a little late to start uploading Christmas-style images, but then there are the last-minute shoppers :-)

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