new kind of race sports with beer crate

Recently I was at a really funny race. Some guys tinkered from a beer crate a racing machine. Equipped with a motor, but according to rules came here with no brakes real racing beer crates on the street. Some racers were equipped with about 30 horsepowers, bringing it about speed to 100 km / h. Even a delirium of speed, then someone who just can slow down with the shoes.

But for the audience it was an exciting race. I can only recommend to visit such a race if you have the chance.

Photo credits: Gussmann.

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October 09, 2010


...only in America, lol :o)

October 08, 2010


Amazing! Up to 100km/h! Wow

October 03, 2010


Hahahaha! That`s awesome! I would like to have such a piece of machinery! But remember : don`t drink and drive!! :))

October 03, 2010


I canĀ“t believe what I see...A race with a beer crate!!!!! LOL! :D Thanks for sharing! I had a very good laugh. :)

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