New milestone - 500 images approved

Here is my new milestone - 500 images approved!!!! That photo is my number 500 in my portfolio and it's from Tsarevets fortress in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. I have to say it was very hard and dangerous to take some of the photos because I had to hang down from the high stronghold' walls. But it worths.

The place is amazing. If you have a chance come to visit it!

Here is my personal Tsarevets collection

Here is a bit of history for Tsarevets fortress

Photo credits: Desislava Vasileva.

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January 13, 2009


Ha-ha thanks! :) It was big fun making it:)

January 12, 2009


Congrats again! I love this pic! 7571404 the way you turned the little mandarin into a figure is SO COOL!

November 29, 2008


I have just reached 300 sales in around 10 months.

November 15, 2008


Bravo, hubavi snimki!

November 15, 2008


Деси, можеш да ме намериш на скайп OmegaTransFer :)

November 09, 2008


Congratulations!!!! Great work

November 09, 2008


Many Many Congratulations !!

November 07, 2008


Thank you all !!!
I was on a little vacation and I see your replies now!

Talanis, lets race :)

Mitko, I was not born in VT but I live here for almost 3 years. One day I came on vacation here and I loved it ... so I moved here to live! It's the most beautiful city in the world!

Igor, thank you for your e-mails. Thanks to you I remind I have a lot of Tsarevets photos on my computer ... these are taken in June this year and I uploaded them!

David, I used to be behind the camera :)

Thank you again! And you know ... just have fun!

November 07, 2008



November 06, 2008


Congratulations. We need more pics of YOU!

November 06, 2008


You have satisfied my request and have prepared a selection of a fortress of Tsarevets? This mountain is very beautiful, when drive in Tyrnovo from outside Madary

November 06, 2008


Congratulations, Desislava! Great work! Love the Bulgaria you pictured, hope I could visit sometime. Best wishes for the next milestone!

November 06, 2008


Congrats, Desi. VT is were I was born, love it. Keep up the good work

November 06, 2008


Congrats Desislava and welcome to the race to 1000 with Brad and i ;)

November 06, 2008


Great photo, and "hanging from the stronghold" walls VERY adventurous! Well done and congratulations.

November 06, 2008


Congratulations! 500 images WOW! way to go

November 06, 2008


Wow! congratulations!! wishing you many sales :)

November 06, 2008


Congratulations!!And wish u luck and to sale a lot of your photos!

November 06, 2008


Congratulations!!! And the photo is very nice. Go for 1000th image approved :)

November 06, 2008



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