New Milestone at DT

Today is the first anniversary of the DT I know the time, in this year, I uploaded 217 pictures, also rejected a lot of pictures. By studying the DT, I learned a lot, develop the field of vision, learned to be careful. Here, thanks to DT, thanks to all buyers, thanks to my friends, I will try to do better.

Photo credits: Zhitao Li.

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December 11, 2013


Thanks for the encouragement of all friends,I will continue to work hard.

December 10, 2013


Great Images! Congrats!

December 07, 2013


Nicely done. Congratulations on reaching your milestone:)

December 07, 2013


It is very beautiful!

December 07, 2013


awesome macros - congratulations to your portfolio!

December 07, 2013


Thank you,all my friends, your encouragement is my motivation to continue to move forward.

December 06, 2013


As I told you the other day, just keep taking your wonderful photos.
It takes time and a lot of work to build up a portfolio but it will happen
if you apply yourself dilligently. You have a great eye and sense of
composition and technically your photos are superb. Don't worry about
the rejections - we all get them from time to time - but keep on studying
the many GOOD images to be found at DT and you will soon come to
see what works and what does not. Much continued good luck and success
to you. LEE

December 06, 2013


Great macro! I like your macro images! Great work! Congratulations! Don't stop! Keep uploading! Sales will come! Good luck!

December 06, 2013


Good DT requerments will sharpen your skills :)

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