New milestones achieved

This month I have achieved some new milestones. Is is funny how many milestones you achieve when you are new to this.

First I set a new personal record for uploads and acceptance. 26 uploads and a monthly average of 76.2. Last month was 61.9 and the month before that was 45.10. I hope this signals an upward trend in my acceptance ratio and means I am getting better at either taking pictures, picking the pictures to upload, or both.

Second I got my second level 2 image.

© Mvogel

I am still aiming for 100 images online by the end of the month. I am at 94 right now but I have to proceed cautiously as I do not want to just upload and bunch of stuff and see my acceptance ratio suffer. I really want to get over 50% so I can upload more.

Photo credits: Mvogel.

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September 28, 2010


Lovely photo, congrats!

September 14, 2010


Lovely portfolio well done! best of luck with your next milestones.

September 12, 2010


Nice work! Keep it up and you will achieve all your goals!

September 12, 2010


Great job! Congratulations!

September 12, 2010


Good shot!

September 12, 2010


nice photo! congratulations!

September 12, 2010


That is a very nice shot. I can see it jumping to higher levels very quickly. Congrats on your achievements. Good going!

September 11, 2010



September 11, 2010



September 11, 2010


It's good to have goals with microstocks! Keep going!

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