The New Month

It's a little after 8:00 AM at my house, the 1st of December, it's snowing, my acceptance rate today is 100%, I got 100 on-line last month and a little over 1000 total. Now, I would like to finish the year at 100% and get another 100 for the month but with the crazy holiday activity coming up I doubt I can get the 100 done and since I can't judge my photos well, I doubt the 100% will last into tomorrow.......however, these numbers sound good for now, so I will take them!

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Photo credits: Susan Leggett.

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December 06, 2008


Congrats,1000 on-line.

December 02, 2008


Welcome back, Amanda! Thanks for the comments and as you see, I got a lot of fall shots. Now, I'll go out today to try for some new winter ones. Hope the "silly" stuff stays around long enough!!

December 01, 2008


Congrats!! Your port/sales are coming along nicely. Snow ? oh yea that silly white cold stuff...mid 70's here- haven't been around lately as we have been out & about enjoying our "fall"
Good to see you are doing so well!!!

December 01, 2008


Thanks Eti, I try to flow but mostly just get stopped up!

Richard, doesn't sound like the economy is interfering with your work! Now, get into a yoga pose and let it all go................

December 01, 2008


Congrats on all of your successes! Just go with the flow and everything will come together!

December 01, 2008


UPS said they would deliver some of my snow to your area but I'd have to pay extra for the cold storage. I told them that was fine, since you're so needy I'd be glad to do it! What a friend, huh? The only problem being, it's such a fine snow that it melted in the jar so I figured you could just turn on your tap and get the same effect.

Sorry you were sick, did you eat celery soup and get a picture of it???

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