New Norway collection.

© Sebcz

OK, so most of the Norway photos are now online. The amount is quite big, I decided to make a special collection of them, for now it can only be found via looking at my profile page, in INFO links, when it's finally ready (when all the files are reviewed), I will make it available in Designers search.

© Sebcz

My after-trip thoughts:

1. If the weather had been better a bit....

2. If point one was true, if I had been for a bit longer....

My lens collection and usage begins to clarify. I only used two:

Sigma 10-20 and Tamron 80-210 . So, ultra wide and long, without middle ranges. When I am completely satisfied with the first's performance, the latter could do better. I am now looking into that matter, to plan my next purchase.

© Sebcz

Do you have any suggestions regarding 50-300 range, or similar, at a medium price? (say 500$ range, more or less)

Edit: I am quite interested in Tamron 18-250, any users' opinions ?

Photo credits: Sebastian Czapnik.

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