New Orthodox churches

In 1917 in Russia there were 78 thousand churches and a monastery in 1253. During the Soviet period, tens of thousands of churches were destroyed. The exact number of churches blown up or dismantled (and not, for example, converted into warehouses) is still unknown. By 1991, there were about 7.5 thousand churches and 16 monasteries in Russia. During the religious revival of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia and around the world, several tens of thousands of new churches were built.

The public's attitude to the new Church building is ambiguous. It gives rise to many disputes.

I would like to stop at some of the objects of my native Yekaterinburg.

Does not leave indifferent the Annunciation Church in the name of the Holy Builders of God that is located in the Academic district of the city. The temple is modern as the whole area. Previously, there was nothing on the site of the district. "Clean field" - as they say.

Russia . Ekaterinburg . Orthodox Church against the backdrop of summer sky

Today the district is full of life. Settled settlers. Well, the Church, which grew as if on the outskirts will soon become the pearl of the future center.

Russia . Ekaterinburg . Orthodox Church on a background of the city landscape.

Let us turn to it in more detail.

Orthodox Church against the blue sky and construction

Shining white walls elegant Church in the style of "Ural Baroque" stands on the Bank of the river Patrushikha. Externally, it resembles the Church of Verkhoturye and Solikamsk of the XVIII century, when this style in the Urals reached its heyday. The temple building is two-level.

To build the Church began in 2011, when the neighborhood had a very small number of houses. The first Liturgy was held here in August 2015. By 2018, the building has already reached these places, but the Church is still standing, surrounded by large air spaces. As if " in the open field." It is especially beautiful in winter, in clear weather against the endless blue sky.

The temple is named unusually-in honor of God's Holy builders-Alexy, Metropolitan of Moscow, St. Joasaph of Belgorod and St. Athanasius of Athos. Their life is somehow connected with the restoration or with the construction of monasteries and churches.

Christmas on the river near Patrushikha organize a small rink and decorating the Christmas tree. So here he loved to walk and children.

The place is loved by local fans of art photography for a particularly elegant Russian flavor. Because of the huge air space surrounding the Temple, in clear frosty weather, you can observe an interesting optical phenomenon "halo". It is formed by crystals very close to the earth's surface. Crystals resemble shining gemstones (so-called diamond dust), and the lower part of the halo can be seen against the background of the surrounding landscape, if the Sun is low enough above the horizon. In those days, when meteorology did not exist, such optical phenomena were used to predict the weather, they were prescribed mystical values.

I liked to come here when there was less development. The height of the sky felt special. How Are You?..

Photo credits: Valery Sergeev.

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February 21, 2019


This is all great, but it brings to mind the ancient Russian (tsarist times) wisdom: - The worse the Russian peasant lives, the better the Orthodox Church feels (с) not me.

January 25, 2019


To destroy the old landmarks, even if it isn't in line with your particular belief, is sheer ignorance. Thanks for the article and enshrining these new cathedrals in photograph should they be destroyed by the ignorant in the future. William

January 12, 2019


Thanks for sharing great photos of beautiful churches.

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