New photography job?

I had personal interview in one estate agency yesterday for photographer position. I had birthday (I am 24 now), so I knew, that it will be OK :). There was around 10 people in short selection, I was only one woman. In the end there remain just me and one another man. After interview we drank beer in one bar together and I think that the pay for him isn't acceptable for him, but for me is OK. I have to decide to Monday.

I studied photography and I tried to find job like report photographer for the last three months in different magazines. but they can offer just work like external photographer for school-leavers. And I have real chance work like a full time photographer but in other specialization now.

I need full time job now, I want to do photography still, photography of interiors will be good also for my stock portfolio and the don't pay bad. But it is not my dream job in the fact.

It is my dilemma for Sunday. I am going to visit my parents in countryside and celebrate my and sister's birthday with family. They will be lucky, then personal interview fall good for me.

And my last uploaded photo in the end:)

© Sarkao

Photo credits: Sarkao.

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April 14, 2011


Thank you Komar:).

April 13, 2011


I remembered to check back to this blog to see if you got it or not. Congratulations!!!

April 11, 2011


Thanks to all. I get it and our birthday celebration was great .).

April 10, 2011


nice pic

April 10, 2011


GREAT! I wish you GOOD LUCK!!!! :)

April 10, 2011


Good luck!

April 09, 2011


Good luck, Sarkao! I hope you get the position, it would be such a great opportunity for you! And, happy birthday to your sister, and I hope it was a great day. did you take pics? :)

April 09, 2011


Good luck!!!

April 09, 2011


Good luck with this new opportunity.

April 09, 2011


Good luck with the new job!

April 09, 2011



April 09, 2011


Congrats with a new job! The most important is to enter the business, then little by little you get to know people, more info, find better ways and finally come to a dream position :)

April 09, 2011


Good luck over the job. Portrait of a girl in your portfolio is wonderful. David.

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