new photos finally!

I've had a few accepted pics after a few months of rest because i figured i needed to gather my thoughts on why every photo was being refused. I decided i need my camera cleaned and also my lenses. Ive learned don't keep downloading if you keep getting refused. Do something about the photos if they are not being accepted, they are problems with Distorted pixels, Poor optical performance due to low lens quality, such as lens fringing, chromatic aberrations, uneven sharpness in focus area. I must admit I still don't know what all these terms mean, I'm still learning as an amateur photographer. Spiders make me a little squeamish and nervous to be around them, let-a-lone taken photos of them. though they are part of nature. Thanks so much in believing in me.

Photo credits: Hcirdoog.



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I just found out my referral URL is incorrect how do i fix it? I just opened up an account on PROMOtographer


Then what can i do about this about my referals
that I'm not getting?
No users were refered by you.
No photographers were refered by you.
No buyers were refered by you. No payment plans were purchased.


Hi! I think, from reading these comments that you are confusing downloads on your profile page with sales. The 0 downloads that you see is how many photos you've bought. Your downloads, not your sales. Subscriptions are where a buyer pays so much per month for x amount of images at x size per day. It's a type of package deal for buyers like the credits. I hope this helps. You're doing great. We're all learning together here. Have a great 2010. Cheers Carol :)


great photos!


we all get rejections, and it's great to valuate each one - good luck for 2010, wishing you more success and sales :)


Nice photos!


if that photo is selling so well David, how come it doesn't show downloads on my profile? i have no downloads, no Referals, no buyers, i have subscriptions, but how do i know what they are using them for , if its not for magazines, then for what kind of subscriptions?


I like your images.


thanks everyone for your comments it really helps


I love your image of a boy holding fish [ the horizon is squint but you cannot correct it without spoiling the image ]. That one is selling well so keep it up ! David.


Mmm, I'm not sure if I should be saying thanks for sharing that with us, the pictures I mean lol. Good that you remain positive. Perseverance is the key.


You are very right my friend. Since they are consumed by professionals stock photography is the way to capture excellent images.

Having perfect results depends on how much we work on details.

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