New pictures - February 7, 2010

Hello everyone,

we did not feel a bit '... in fact I was a little' taken from rearranging a bit 'of images, so I have not had much time to write something.

Well well well ... I present you my new pictures approved by dreamstime

As always, I try to give variety in what I create in order to satisfy every kind of designers' desire. Among these pictures I was particularly struck by the curiosity unleashed "My Venus", observed in a few days but never downloaded almost 300 times (who knows. ... Maybe for the Women's Day someone will use it).

Particularly suited to the period, if there is still some laggard who has not thought about Valentine's Day - for those who celebrate ... I am single by choice - is "king love" but it's useless to say that in my portfolio there are other appropriate images for this festivity. If you have not found something in my portfolio, I leave here my e-mail so if you need, you can contact me to ask me pictures (for fairness I'll load them on DT). Here's my address:

Up one day, when I'm sure, I'll talk to you about a way to create illustrations, but for now I continue to test it :-)

Now I greet you and I start to re-create some image.

Soon, G.E.

Photo credits: , Gheburaseye.

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February 17, 2010


Thank you Yuri. Also your photos are very beautiful (specially the carnivals' masks) ;-)

February 17, 2010


really like the graphic ones!

February 08, 2010


thank you Jezper :-)

February 08, 2010


Looking good :0)

February 08, 2010


Thank you.... :-)

February 08, 2010


great work, well done :)

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