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I'v been working with blender3d intense for about 3 years.It is pretty nice software for modeling and animation.For realistic rendering there are some external plugins like yafaray,luxrender,etc.My favorite external render is yafaray.It gives me the speed in my renderings and realism.With new blender3d 2.60 version it came also the new realistic rendering engine called cycles.It renders in realtime,so you can rotate ,zoom and out and see the final render very quickly.To get very quick results in realtime you must have one of the best gforce gtx graphic card with cuda cores.I'm not sure if ati radeon is supported yet,but it will be.Also you could render it with better processors, like intel core I7 or amd Phenom or even better.I decided to invest in new processor intel core I3 and in 4gb of ddr3 RAM.I had an improvements in comparing to my old configuration intel core2duo and 2gb of ram memory.Then I saw also that people are using gpu graphic card processors, to speed up their renderings.So why not to try it to cut my renderings in a half,I invested also in nvidia gforce 250gts.In comparing with my old ATI radeon xt 2600 hd,it was huge progress for every application I have on my computer.My new GPU processor renders faster then my core I3 processor.Now cycles render is at first confusing,but with the tutorials via internet you can pretty quickly to learn how to render realistic your 3d models.When you creating the materials,you have nodes and you must connect them to get the material you want.Mostly everything you change in your materials settings you will see in your real time preview.There are so many variations when you are creating the materials in cycles,so you can create awesome stuff.For the lights you are using plane objects and assign them to emit the light.As a background you can use HDR images.Also you can rotate it or move it in real time and see the final result if you have fast graphic card or processor.You could see the dof(depth of field)efect settings in realtime too.Anyway I hope you like my blog,and maybe if you in 3d modeling you will give it a try to awesome new rendering engine called cycles.Under this blog you could check my latest 3d rendering of ipod shuffle created with Moi3d nurbs modeler,rendered with blender3d 2.62 and cycles render.Enjoy

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