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I've been exited about the last few months. I have been taking a formal course in Photoshop, and have begun to realize what a powerful tool it is. Things I used to wonder about and question are now becoming clear to me. I'm learning about masking, manipulating different layers of a photo, changing the background in a photograph, isolating different areas of a photo and a whole lot more.

The things I used to do to my pictures to make them look better have become a lot easier now. I'm anxious to apply some of the techniques I've learned to pictures I submit to Dreamstime. I still may not sell a lot more photos, but I'm gaining the confidence I need to compete with some of the photographers I thought my work could never approach equaling. Now I feel like I'm at least in the same ballpark.

I would recommend to novice as well as seasoned photographers that they learn as much about anything having to do with photography as they can. Never stop trying to get better no matter how good you think you are.

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December 10, 2012


Yes the most important tools our eye and brain for seeing the image as we envision it, next are tools such as Photoshop, cameras, lens to create the image we saw. Did we want to include that shadow or telephone pole? No so we can crop it or erase it from the image.

December 07, 2012


That's great... Keep learning it will improve your photography skills.

December 07, 2012


I like the rainbow house. Next time make sure to remove your shadow. That is the worst part of the picture.

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Photo credits: William Ardrey.