A New Sold of a Full-Length Shot

Several days ago, a photo taken in a heavy industry park about the topic of air pollution was sold again. This was its 5th sold.

The photo was shot in winter around 3 years ago. I used a full-length lens which with 70-200 mm range then.

Generally, someone describing this kind of topic usually aimed the block of the smoke or the dirty chimney. The effect would be shocked. I shot some photos in this way also.

That time, I tried to make some exchanges in composition. I moved along the factory bounding wall to find some new position to express a more shocked scene. A small old dirty official building occurred in my field of vision. A metal ladder with enclosure was set to the roof of it and a window was below of it. I felt that the new composition of these elements better. Than, I focused the ladder of the building with the smocking background and snapped the button.

The photo had been bought by a education editor of Hong Kong. It was used in a text book of students. The editor informed me later.

The photo lies in my portfolio and brings me some earning every now and then. I hope it work frequently.

Photo credits: Buford Wong.

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November 11, 2010



November 11, 2010


Great picture! Congratulations

November 11, 2010


Nice picture, wish you many sales.

November 11, 2010


Congratulations, nicely composed and great to hear the buyer let you know where it was going to be used :-0 Keep up the good work my friend.


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