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I returned to stock photography recently after a five year break. I have taken note of the images that continued to sell while others have gone dormant.

Location photos seem to be eternally popular and generally don't have a 'time-stamp' on them visually as much as a photo containing a person will, due to changes in styles over the years.

For instance, photos of this model taken around 2008 haven't sold since 2011 and are looking dated:

Casual Man

While photos of Dallas, such as this one from the Texas State Fair, have continued to sell steadily from when they were uploaded in 2006 through the present:

Texas Ferris Wheel

Some of the DT Assignments have focused (no pun intended) on this topic. . .while you are looking around the area you live in, consider what it's best known for. If someone is writing an article about the place you live, what images will they want to insert in the article?

Fifty years after the assassination of President Kennedy, many people still think of that event when they hear 'Dallas', and this photo of the Sixth Floor Museum, which is dedicated to JFK, has sold consistently for nine years.

JFK Plaza, Dallas

They might not be the most glamorous images, but you can still work on improving your photography skills with these photographs as well as have a steady stream of downloads from them over time.

As I look through the posts on the message boards, I consistently see new people asking, "What can I shoot to get more downloads?", I know, especially in the beginning, that getting even a few downloads is really important to help one feel validated for the effort it takes to shoot, process and upload photos.

A beautiful sunset may not stand out in the crowd of hundreds of beautiful random sunsets. A beautiful sunset behind a well-known landmark will always be useful to someone who is writing an article about that landmark.

Give a number of classic, iconic images of the place you live a spot in your portfolio for an almost gauranteed steady flow of income.

Feedback welcomed, please share photos you've taken of the area you live in that have continued to sell for years!

Photo credits: Jennifer Walz.

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thank YOU, xxxyyy123


Thanks for the useful information


thank you, jmcchesnie, and welcome!


Loved your article and the great advice. Thank you for posting it!


Thanks, Oldefashionmom, and welcome to our friendly community! I look forward to seeing your portfolio :D


I really liked your article, having just signed up today, this gave me a good direction to start! I have uploaded my first picture and am so excited!


Thanks, @Gavergani! Love the great images you have in your portfolio!


This is great advice! You just gave a new idea where to take my next landscape photos.


Thanks, Kharms! You have some beautiful, vivid photos in your portfolio already you will do well!


Thanks for these thoughts. I just joined Dreamstime, and this is really helpful advice.


Thanks, @Filonclass, look forward to seeing what you put in your portfolio!


You gave me some ideas about which direction to go. Tranks !


Thanks, David! :D


Great advice for the new member Jennifer. I also think some of us veterans can learn something here.


Thank you for your comment, Heidi! I enjoyed looking at your Editorial and location photos, nice work!


true.. thanks :)

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