New stock fashion word or soon to be reality: Midstock

Midstock or better said stock photo's sold for between 10 to 100 dollars instead of 1 to 5.

The word midstock is so fashionable new that they did not even yet decide on the proper definition yet.

It comes, very rudely spoken to this:

The big expensive stocks will realize they can't compete with microstock any longer and will lower their prices. NOT to a microstock level but in between micro and Big.

Microstock will realise, they have become so popular that they can rise their prizes a bit and earn more for their contributors AND theirselves.

Not towards the prices of the high rolers but somewhere in between.

Midstock is born.

here some guys that disagree.

I for one think these guys have a point but of course Danielle and I are hoping Midstock will come our way.

Photo credits: Sebastian Kaulitzki.

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