New to all this and I need advice

Hey everyone. I'm new to the stock business, but I really like photography, and I want to make it in stock. I know I have a very small amount of images uploaded, but can you tell me how long was it for you to make you firs sale? And also cand you tale a look at my small but growing portfolio and give me some words of advice?

Thank you so much.

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The best advise I can give you is to upload as many images as you can, and you will see results when you reach around 100 images online.


I sold wthin the first month--slowly saw sales increase as my portfolio increased. I felt a bigger momentum after I had 500 images on online. I agree with what has been said already--read the blogs and message boards, and diversify. Set some goals--like a minimum number of uploads per month, different subject matter categories per upload, etc.. Keep working on your skills, both with photography and with image processing. I take online courses and read books continually. Good luck!


Search around the DT blogs and message boards. There are tons of advice and examples of people's progressions. DT contributors are a friendly bunch and give a lot of free advice.


I am fairly new also, and my first sale was about 3 months after my first uploads, and since then, its been fairly steady. I am not exclusive, so I am including my other sites in that steadiness. I agree with the others, have a lot of variety in your portfolio, and that will result in sales! Good luck!


You are doing very well if you keep up the quality that you already uploaded and try to have diversity you will absolutely sell. Especially the working images. Boring subject but shot perfect in my opinion and also the clothing will sell I think. The houses are beautiful but will only sell if they are popular vacation destinations or else they wont do that well. I have been selling for about a year now and I can't complain. My first $100 came after 3 months and my next after 45 days and after that almost every month. But I got exclusive witch I am not anymore so I think this will drop to 45 days again. Diversity is the key and before you shoot see if anything similar is online and try to take it from another angle or do it better. I had my first download when I had about 30 images online. i now have 358 and get daily downloads 1 to 5 a day and even one day with 10 downloads. You can still make $ in this business but try not to upload only snapshot city images, parks and buildings. You can have 2000 of them and sell less than someone with 200 images. Welcome and good luck!!! :)


Its taken me 3 years to get 2150 images uploaded and 2250 sales ............... bear in mind that its a journey of learning, hopefully of improving the quality and scope of your work.
Keep going don't give up. Presently the market is a bit quiet. David.


My first sale came 4 days after my first upload. However, I belive that is extremely fast. Just be patience and keep on uploading and have fun and success will come eventually.


You have a good start.I like your photos but to achieve some sales you have to upload a lot more and have patience.Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones

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