New to Dreamstime and excited!

Hello to everybody,

to introduce myself a little bit, I am a student from the Czech republic and I study fashion designing, which is interesting but a bit off, I love animations, illustrations and simply drawing. And Dreamstime is a wonderful place where I can share my passion, be seen and know what selling pictures tastes like.

I heard about Dreamstime from one lady and got really excited and decided to join a few months ago and since then it was really hard to figure out what to submit and how to work with keywords and so on. It is still hard sometimes but I am learning and looking forward to see more downloads.

I tried photos at first but found out that it is really hard with nature and with people - which I would love to submit more portraits - it's hard because even though I love taking pictures of people, there aren't many willing to be seen on public (but still working on this! I will sure have some model release soon) :)

So as I looked through different categories and saw many great illustrations, I decided to submit more of mine.

And it started happening and was alot easier than with photos for me.

When I saw the first download of one of my illustrations I was extremely excited! Then one more and another one and it's really made me smile so much. It is a nice feeling to know that someone likes my pictures so much that they would give out money (even though a little) to have them for them.

I've tried different drawing s and finally came to drawing the way I just normally do which means more cartoony . I love drawing expressions and playing with figures.

© Justk8

One more thing that got me really excited was seeing my little illustration being accepted On assignment. It was just in the last moment and I was like - Yes!!:)

Oh well... I'm new to here, a young person without a cent (although.. not anymore) and I think it will take me a while before I cool down and get used to how it all works here:)

Thank you Dreamstime!:D

© Justk8

Photo credits: Justk8.

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Warm welcomes, I hope you find a nice nitch here at DT.


Great works!
I believe you will certainly be able to have a very large harvest in DT!
Good luck! :)


You have very good hand in drawing with tablet :)


welcome! nice work! keep creating!!


Great illustrations! Lovely blog.


Thank you very much:) It is very encouraging!


No reason to cool down! Stay excited! :) Illustrations seem to do very well. My advice is to stick to your own style and do what makes you happy. In the long run, you will be more successful that way.

Nature and travel make me happy, and fooling around with patterns and manupulations. So that is what I upload. I've had a few sales and know what you mean about the smiles. It really feels good doesn't it!

You might try doing portraits of your family or close friends, they may be a bit more willing to support your efforts. My husband is tolerant of my hobby, and I've used him quite a bit. I don't think it makes any difference if they are gorgeous/handsome, just put them in a clean outfit and go for it! :)


Hi! Your blog is very interesting and pleasant. I think you'll sell well here on DT. Congrats for your two files accepted for the Assignment: I like them! Bye, Rob.

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