New to Dreamstime, need some input....

Hi everyone. I am just starting out on dreamstime. I have 12 pictures online so far. Many have been viewed, but none have been downloaded. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me on how to take pictures that will sell well, or any tips on keywords, or any comments on my pictures so far. Here are a few of them.

Photo credits: Torie Mitchell/glover.

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September 06, 2007


If you want to require criticism on your portfolio, please use the thread created and designed especially for criticism requests link.
As already said, it is too early to expect downloads but do not sweat too much, I am positive they will come. Photographers sometimes wait a lot at the beginning. Others are lucky. You have few photos in your portfolio for the time being. When you will have a large portfolio you will see that more photos are usually more chances to sell.....Good photos I mean :P.
For the rest, I would advise you to check what sells as stock photo but try to get a new approach, to create your own style, a personal touch and signature in whatever you do as photography.
For the keywords, I would not advise you to write as many as possible :). Just write the most relevant ones and some of their synonyms. Increasing the no. of keywords will definitely not improve the quality of your image.
So, mix stock-orientation, with creativity, personal touch and style, add some relevant keywords, spice up with a good, relevant title.....and Good Luck!

September 05, 2007


One thing I have learned to increase sales is to put the maximum number of Key Words with each photo. A good place to look for words is Roget's Thesarus.

September 05, 2007


Let me encourage you - DL's will come, just upload more. In this microstock world you need to be patient and persistent. It will pay off.

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