New to Dreamstime and very excited:)

Hi everyone!

I just became a member here and look forward to being a part of this exciting community. I'm a graphic designer and have bought a lot of stock from here in the past and always been extremely satisfied. In the short future I hope to take my first steps as a contributor and add my own stock pictures.

The most exciting part of the whole community is to me the blog section. I am always writing, always creating, and I thought this was the perfect chance for me to share some of my design ideas and tricks. I am going to cover a different section every time and hopefully someone can pick up a few tips along the way:)

I'm going to start lightly with a few simple tips that have proved to be very valuable to me. Things we all know but rarely take the time to really KNOW.

- The most important thing of all is to consider yourself an open book. A book with many chapters, all different from each other. We limit ourselves way too often, not only with our art. With our lives, dreams, ambitions. If your talent made a home for itself inside of you it would need many many different floor plans. And for us to be able to visit them all we need to step out of our comfy bedroom and dare to climb that ladder. Maybe you don't like where it leads you, then just climb another one, or go back down again. You lose nothing by trying, by exploring and experimenting. I find that when you challenge yourself you reach new heights. Every challenge takes you one step closer to knowing yourself. What you want to say with your art.

- Get inspired. Close your eyes for a second, spin around and then open them, what's the first thing you see? You don't need to watch a miracle to create a masterpiece. The art i'm the most proud of comes from a very simple place. Simplicity is beautiful and sometimes very underrated.

- Try something new. Maybe it's not your style, not your comfort zone, but trying it out can sometimes introduce you to sides of yourself you didn't even know you had. There's inspiration and tips in everything, you don't even need to know where to look. The important thing is that you have your eyes open.

I hope my english isn't too terrible, I only been reading it for a very short time.

I look forward to much fun here:)

© Evilin

Photo credits: Evilin.

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Thank you so much! I'm on my way to submitting soon, I appreciate your lovely comment very much:)


You write great and very useful blogs. I would love to add you to my favorites, but... you don't have any pics online yet :o( I hope you will soon! Good luck here on DT once you decide to upload!


Haha be careful when you spin, I often end up landing in the kiddo pool....thank you so much for your welcome:)


Thank you very much, it's a pleasure to meet you:)


Thank you so much, i'm very happy to be here!:)


welcome to DT!! best of luck on here


I;m very glad to know you on DT.


Your English is 'pretty darn good' so don't worry about that. I like your take on spinning and creating. I will try that this weekend. Outside of course so I don't wreck the house! Welcome aboard and have fun.


Thank you so much for your well wishes and your welcome:)


Aww thank you, that's a relief to hear! And hi back!:)


Welcome and thank you for your inspirational words, Good luck here on DT.


welcome.. im just s little guy here, but thought id say hi.. your english is fine!

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