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One of my photos has just been added to the upload file of Dreamstime. This is exciting but also very humbling, as 14 other files have been rejected. I relize I have a lot more to learn about what makes a good stock photo and I also realize now that my hands aren't as steady as I thought they were. My new tripod is about to get a well deserved workout.

I like challenges and this new venture seems to be just what I need to start taking better pictures. I just have a question for whomever wants to answer much photoshop are we allowed to use in the images?

Photo credits: William Ardrey.

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August 02, 2010


Great photo! I had the same problem at the begin with PS! I didn`t know that we combine pictures, use the all program without ruining the photo! That it`s true, you can use PS as much as you want as long you keep the picture beautiful and close to it`s natural look!
Good luck!

August 02, 2010


I was lucky it was a very vivid rainbow and was seen as far away as 30 miles. The sun has to be very bright and the dark clouds in background have to be dark. I've seen a rainbow like this only 2 other times.

Thanks for the tips. I will make the most of your information

August 02, 2010


Very nice photo, i never did catch a rainbow pic. I will try next time i see one, anything special you have to do to get it good in camera?

Rejections~ dont take it personally and learn from them! Just like u now know your hands are not as steady as you thought.

Photo Shop: Use as much as you want, As long as you dont damage the pic. Too much and you could introduce noise and a bunch of other digital nasties causing your pic to get rejected.

Best you can do is get it as close to perfect in camera and us PS very delicately.

For example most all my pics get the following adjustments~ levels, brightness and contrast, sharpening, cropping. the color also gets bumped up slightly. i often use cloning and sometimes dodge and burn, care full with this it degrades the pic quickly.
Good luck and try to keep it fun.

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