New to stock photography and dreamstime!

Hello Everyone -

I am new to Stock Photography and also new to Dreamstime. Very excited that I had 16 of my photos approved, few more are in the pending box.

I am looking for some tips how to get traffic on my photos. Is it all in the key wording?

Thank you all!

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November 22, 2012


Welcome! You have very nice images, keep up the good work :-0

November 21, 2012



November 21, 2012


Congratulations!Beautiful images!Welcome on DT!Keep upload and good luck!

November 21, 2012


Thank you all for kind words and encouragement. I will try with sharink links to some of the social media pages to boost some traffic and will also work on key words.

November 21, 2012


Welcome to Dreamstime! In my humble experience, have as diverse a portfolio as you can. Good Luck!

November 21, 2012


Very nice

November 21, 2012


Hello-welcome to DT. Love you photos, especially the HDR Eiffel Tower. Good luck here and enjoy.

November 21, 2012


Yes, key words!!!!!!!! The other things are secondly.

November 21, 2012


Hi, welcome to DT, have fun and keep it up with the good work!
A simple way to increase the traffic to your pics is to share their link on Twitter, using the button beyond the picture. It's easy, fast, comes to the point, and it's effective.

November 20, 2012


Congratulations on these fantastic images and welcome to DT.

November 20, 2012


Congratulations! Very cool photo! Very creative! Keep it up!

November 20, 2012


Congrats! Great start wit amazing pics. Keep up the good work.

November 20, 2012


Thank you so much!

November 20, 2012


Congratulations for your great images, and welcome to DT enjoy your time here it is a great community.

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Photo credits: Amdizdarevic.