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New trip, new camera

New trip to the far ends of the Earth coming up and new camera too. Compared to my previous cameras this is very snazzy. So looking forward to my holidays. Test shots so far look great, can't wait for the real work. The included shot one from my last holiday and one of the most photogenic (man-made) places I've seen (out of 50 countries so far).

Photo credits: Derek Rogers.

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July 30, 2011


Thank you, and the really really really thing I like about the new camera is that I can shoot indoors without flash to capture natural light and not get lots of noise in the picture. This means my family and friends can not only see what I saw outdoors but see what I saw indoors in natural light, which is often spectacular.

July 29, 2011


Hi Derek, now you are probably working on your latest trip images to upload, congrats on your portfolio and your new camera!

July 29, 2011


Iceland was spectacular, I highly recommend it as a place to visit. Denmark likewise was very enjoyable and flying over Greenland amazing. The Faroe Islands were quite nice too.

Photos up soon :-)

April 30, 2011


Thank you all for the comments. I find travelling fantastic and reading up on Icelaand, Greenland, Denmark and the Faroes at the moment is teaching me all sorts of fascinating things from the randomness included with the Norse gods to one of the techniques aircraft used (prior to GPS) over the poles that was based on some techniques the vikings used and relevant for photography namely the polarisation of light. As for the cameras, I might be good and only take 3 this time - the new K5 I have, the K100D Super and the little Olympus.

April 27, 2011


all the best on your trip. (but you have not mentioned which camera)

April 27, 2011


Good luck with your trip. Your portfolio is amazing.

April 27, 2011


Beautiful photo!

April 27, 2011


I love traveling too. Have a nice holliday and great shoots!

April 27, 2011


Great shot congrats

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